Adastra Park

Summer Trail created by Hassocks youths


By Deirdre Huston

When I went along to Hassocks Youth Hangout a group of young people were engrossed in developing the Adastra Summer Trail. This activity is being designed by them and is hoped to be popular with children and families over the summer.

The initiative uses recycled materials and works in a similar way to geocaching but without the app.

Families will be able to download the trail from

They must solve clues to find boxes hidden across Adastra Park which contain hands-on science challenges to complete and a stamp for marking their entry form. Everyone who completes the trail can take their completed sheet to the Hassocks Market on 24th August where they will receive a small reward and be entered into a prize draw. The Turner Dumbrell Foundation in Ditchling funded the activities, staff and promotion necessary to make the Adastra Summer Trail a reality, while Hassocks Parish Council were very supportive in allowing Adastra Park to be used. “It was lovely to have that immediate response and support,” admits Liz Jeavans, local resident and scientist extraordinaire.