Hassocks Community Organisation (HCO)


Hassocks Community Partnership (HCP) and Hassocks Amenity Association (HAA) have merged to form Hassocks Community Organisation (HCO)

By Erika Woodhurst-Trueman, Trustee

HCO is a registered charity (No. 1183097). Its main aims are to: provide recreation and leisure activities for residents of Hassocks and the surrounding area who might otherwise struggle to access such activities, and, by providing them, also benefit the general public so as to improve social welfare; protect and improve the environment we live in and look after features of historic or public interest.

HCO supports a wide variety of ‘life-improving’ projects, such as:

Monthly Village Market - A community market bringing local produce and crafts to those who might otherwise be less able to get to them.

Green Group - Protecting and improving the physical and natural environment by creating an attractive and welcoming village.

Hassocks Community Cycle Hire - Hiring out mountain bikes, cycle servicing and promoting cycling and environmental tourism in Hassocks and the surrounding area.

Rail Group - Representing our rail users to ensure rail services meet the needs of all residents.

Star Cinema - Bringing high quality films to Hassocks residents using professional projection services at Adastra Hall and providing an opportunity to socialise, especially for those for whom getting to a town cinema is difficult.

Village Flood Mitigation - Raising funds and working with experts and volunteers to tackle problems and sustainably address local flooding issues.

May Day Event - A traditional spring fair for all the community at Adastra Park.

Village Discount Card - For many residents access to shops is difficult due to transport or mobility challenges. This initiative aims to ensure that our community continues to benefit from the many and varied shops in Hassocks by encouraging shopping locally. Being trialled now – this card is currently free to existing or new Supporters this year.

Each of these projects is run by a small team of individuals and HCO provides support in the background.

We are on hand to provide help, advice and, in some cases, finance, and insurance. The Trustees at HCO are all volunteers and are passionate about the community and protecting and improving the environment we live and work in. We are always keen to encourage ideas for new projects and those who want to lead them. If you have a burning idea for an activity that would improve life in the village, please get in touch!